Iron Dukes Annual Fund

Courtesy: Iron Dukes
Release: June 21, 2019
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Intercollegiate athletics relies on the devoted commitment of alumni and friends who demonstrate their loyalty year after year. This continued, annual support is essential for Duke to meet the ongoing and ever-changing needs of college athletics. Whether donating $100 or $100,000 every gift helps cover the costs of educating a Duke student-athlete. To become an Iron Dukes member an individual must contribute $100 or more on an annual basis. Click here to learn more about Iron Dukes giving levels.

Due to the growing cost of educating a Duke student-athlete, increased annual unrestricted support is critical in offering competitive scholarship opportunities. A single athletic scholarship for the 2019-20 academic year is $82,087. Giving at the levels of support listed below allows the Iron Dukes to provide resources to our Blue Devils that meet the financial demands of their academic pursuits.

The Iron Dukes Champions Level
The Iron Dukes Champions Level is an exclusive society for donors contributing $100,000 or more to the Iron Dukes Annual Fund each year.


The Cameron-Wade Society
Named for Duke legends Eddie Cameron and Wallace Wade, the Cameron-Wade Society is comprised of donors who make annual gifts in the amount of tuition or full scholarship.

$82,087 CAMERON WADE SOCIETY Full Scholarship for one student-athlete
$55,880 CAMERON WADE SOCIETY Tuition for one student-athlete


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