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Frequently Asked Questions

Courtesy: Iron Dukes
Release: June 21, 2019
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Who Can Join the Iron Dukes?
All Duke fans and supporters are encouraged to join the Iron Dukes. You do not have to be a former Duke student-athlete or graduate of Duke University to join the Iron Dukes.

Is My Contribution to the Iron Dukes Tax Deductible?                                                               

It depends*. Under the tax laws, a deduction may be available for charitable contributions to the Iron Dukes where no benefits are received by the donor. In the case of gifts where seating rights for an athletic event held at a Duke stadium are accepted as a direct or indirect result of such gift, the gift is non-deductible. Donors may request that no goods or benefits be received in exchange for donations, including declining season-ticket privileges and benefits. We encourage all members to consult with their own expert tax advisor regarding their specific situation.

How Do I Qualify for Ticket & Parking Benefits?

All Iron Dukes members qualify to request to purchase season and individual game tickets for Football and Women's Basketball, as well as individual Men's Basketball tickets. Iron Dukes priority is used for all seating allocations. Priority levels as of April 12 will be used for season Football ticket allocation, and July 20 for Men's and Women's Basketball season allocations. For detailed information, please contact the Iron Dukes Office.

Men's Basketball Season Tickets
The projected Stadium Level gift for season ticket holders for the 2020-2021 Men's Basketball season is $8,000 annually per pair. For members who became season ticket holders prior to 2016-2017, the annual Stadium Level gift amount is $7,000 per pair. Iron Dukes members contributing at Stadium Level to the Iron Dukes Annual Fund will receive a season ticket application in August. If demand exceeds supply, Iron Dukes priority as of July 20 will be used for new season ticket requests.

Iron Dukes Membership and Season Ticket Purchase Rights
Iron Dukes members who desire to purchase season tickets to Duke Men's Basketball in Cameron Indoor Stadium or Duke Football in Blue Devil Tower must make annual contributions to the Iron Dukes in an amount determined by Duke Athletics. Under the 2017 Tax Act, all donations that directly or indirectly provide the right to seating at an athletic event in a Duke athletic stadium are not deductible for tax purposes.

Gifts or grants from the following sources may NOT satisfy any amount required to be contributed for the right to purchase season tickets in either Cameron Indoor Stadium for Duke men's basketball or Blue Devil Tower for Duke football:

  • Appreciated stock/securities
  • Donor advised funds
  • Private foundations
  • other charitable organizations
  • Employer matching gift programs
  • Individual retirement accounts (IRA) charitable rollovers
Duke may accept donations from these sources, but no ticket purchase rights will be conveyed. Donors may receive no more than an incidental benefit from Duke, directly or indirectly, as a result of any gifts or payments from such sources.
Donors are urged to consult with expert tax counsel regarding their specific situation.

Men's Basketball Ticket Exchange
The Iron Dukes Ticket Exchange program redistributes tickets that are turned in by season ticket holders on a game by game basis. All active Iron Dukes members are eligible to request tickets via the Iron Dukes Ticket Exchange.

Postseason Ticket Opportunities
All Iron Duke members are eligible to purchase bowl tickets. Priority levels as of October 31 will be used for allocation.

Postseason Men's and Women's Basketball ticket allocation is based on event location, ticket supply, and demand. Priority levels as of December 31 will be used for ticket allocation.

Iron Dukes Parking
Members giving to the Iron Dukes Annual Fund at the $250 level or higher who purchase season tickets to Football and Men's Basketball are eligible to purchase a season parking pass for those sports. Iron Dukes Annual Fund members giving at the $100 level or higher who purchase Women's Basketball season tickets are eligible for a Women's Basketball season parking pass. Members who qualify for parking but do not have season tickets can request single game parking passes by calling the Duke Athletics Ticket Office at 919-681-6767.

What Do I Need to Know About NCAA Compliance Rules?
Iron Dukes members may not write, call, contact, or otherwise recruit on behalf of Duke University Athletics. You may speak to a prospect only if the prospect initiates the call and the call is not for recruiting purposes, but you must refer all questions about the athletics program to the coaching staff. Under certain circumstances, it may be permissible to continue a pre-established relationship with a prospect or prospect's family. A prospect remains a prospect until he or she enrolls in classes at Duke. Current student-athletes jeopardize their ability to participate if they, or their families, have accepted any extra benefits (e.g., gifts or cash, meals at a restaurant, event tickets, free or reduced cost services, etc.). Please keep in mind, extra benefit restrictions apply to current student-athletes as well as former student-athletes. Athletic representatives may provide an occasional meal to student-athletes, provided the meal occurs in your home (it may be catered) or on campus and the meal is approved in advance by the compliance office. For more information visit www.irondukes.net.

*Duke University does not provide legal, tax or financial advice. The information presented herein is intended for educational purposes only. All donors are strongly urged to consult professional counsel with respect to their personal circumstances.