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The Tradition

Courtesy: Iron Dukes
Release: May 01, 2014
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For over 85 years the Iron Dukes Varsity Club – previously known as the Varsity ‘D’ Club - has been Duke student-Athletes’ connection back to Duke.  From awarding Varsity letter winner certificates, jackets and rings, to organizing reunions and special events, the Varsity Club provides many services for both our current and former student-athletes.  The Varsity Club depends on the support of former-student athletes, parents, and sport program supporters to make these items possible.

In addition to supporting student-athlete alumni connections, support to the Varsity Club plays a critical role in our varsity team’s efforts to win year after year at an elite level in an increasingly competitive environment. Giving to the Iron Dukes Varsity Club allows you an opportunity to provide financial support with a sport specific gift that goes directly to work for the team of your choosing. Varsity Club gifts help support our sport teams’ needs beyond the traditional operating budget. Items such as the purchase of upgraded video equipment, new sports performance and sports medicine equipment, increased travel expenses, and post season participation are just a few of the items that gifts to the Varsity Club will cover. As our sport programs continue to remain amongst the nation’s elite, your support to the Varsity Club is critically important to their success. 

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